PlayStation Plus Now Sits at 46.4 Million Subscribers

    An increase from Q2 2022.

    Sony announced today during their Q3 Fiscal Year 2022 report that the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers has now increased to 46.4 million. This is an increase of 1,000,000 subscribers from Q2, where it was reported that the number of subs was at 45.4 million.

    This number includes both PS5 subs and PS4 subscribers, which are connected across the PlayStation Plus network. Online between the two consoles is seamless and not bound to each console exclusively.

    Earlier today, Sony announced that the PlayStation Plus Collection will be going away this May. This is pretty disappointing news considering they are taking away a benefit and not replacing it with anything, but not surprising news.

    This benefit was exclusive to the PlayStation 5, which has now passed 32.1 million consoles sold. In Q3 alone, the console sold over 7.1 million units. With all the upcoming titles scheduled to launch, the PS5 has solidified itself as the power console in the market. Titles like Spider-Man 2 will surely crush sales records set by the console thus far.

    Spider man spider symbol back turning

    While the PlayStation Plus subscriber number fluctuates, it remains steadily in the 40 million range. As better benefits and more games release on the higher tiers, this number could peak 50 million. Only time will tell, but the future of the service is certainly looking bright.

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