Persona 3 Portable: Maiko Social Link Guide

    Every kid needs a friend and confidant! Will you play with poor Maiko here and be her guiding light as she starts to go through life’s struggles? What lies at the end of this budding friendship? Well, this guide will help you get Maiko through this rough patch! Here’s the P3P Maiko Social Link Guide!

    Getting Started

    Unlocks: 5/6 (bring her a Mad Bull from a vending machine and a Weird Takoyaki from a food stand at the strip mall)

    Days Available: Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

    Location: Naganaki Shrine playground

    WARNING: 10/21 because she will become one of the missing persons trapped in Tartarus.By 11/3 you have to rescue her on 149/F

    Rank Progression

    In order to complete this Social Link as efficiently as possible, try to have a persona that matches the arcana of the link and use the following list to give the best possible responses to the character. (This guide assumes you have a Persona of a matching arcana to the Social Link)

    • Rank 1: Starting rank
    • Rank 2: Sure, let’s go – Anything – Anything
    • Rank 3: Anything – Don’t worry, he’ll be there
    • Rank 4: I’m happy for you – Nobody could forget you
    • Rank 5: That’s terrible – That isn’t true
    • Rank 6: Calm Down – Sounds Like a Plan – You’ll need more than that
    • Rank 7: Anything – Anything
    • Rank 8: Hamburgers – You did good – Choose your father
    • Rank 9: We’re friends forever!
    • Rank 10: Final rank

    P3P Maiko Social Link Max Rank Persona

    For reaching Lvl 10 and completing this Social Link you gain access to the Attis Persona.

    Attis can be fused at Level 67. It resists Slash, Strike, and Pierce while being weak to Light (learns repel light). Endurance and Magic are Attis’s strong suits. It’s skillset is support focused with an Almighty magic spell and an attack that insa-kills fearful enemies.

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