One Piece Odyssey Demo Out Now

    Get your sea legs before One Piece Odyssey sets sail later this week.

    A roughly 1-2 hour long demo for the upcoming JRPG One Piece Odyssey is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Unfortunately, the demo isn’t available for PC gamers.

    The One Piece Odyssey demo is set at the very beginning of the full game. Progress players make in the trial will carry over to the final release. Since the demo’s save data can transfer to the final release, players who are planning on picking up Bandai Namco’s new title essentially have early access to the opening hours before its January 13 release date. Players with save data from the demo will also receive a “Golden Jelly” in the full game too.

    With around two hours to spend with the game, you’ll likely get a taste of all three main components (Dramatic Story, Battle, and Adventure) in the One Piece Odyssey demo.

    Whether you’re on the fence about its turn-based combat, you want a head start on its trophy list, or you need that Golden Jelly in your life, the One Piece Odyssey demo sounds like a worthy time investment. At less than 8GB, the demo won’t be clogging your PS4, PS5, or Xbox Series X|S storage space either.

    About One Piece Odyssey

    One Piece Odyssey is the forthcoming JRPG from developer ILCA and publisher Bandai Namco based on the mega-popular manga and anime, One Piece. Players take control of the Straw Hat Pirates, engage in turn-based battles, and explore the world using each character’s unique ability. Be sure to stay tuned to Final Weapon for more on the new manga-based JRPG, or check out our previous coverage of the game below:

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