PlayStation VR 2 Launch Lineup to Include Over 30 Games

    Dozens of games to try at launch.

    At CES 2023, it was confirmed that the launch of the PlayStation VR 2 will be accompanied by over 30 different games. Some of these games will be ports and updated titles from the first PlayStation VR surely, however, there are a few new titles apart of the lineup.

    One of these titles is Horizon: Call of the Mountain, a game that takes place in the machine-run world of Horizon. Unlike the mainline Horizon titles, this game will not see Aloy as its protagonist, but as an entirely new character. Guerilla has promised that you will meet Aloy and others throughout the game, but it is nice to see a new perspective in the world of Horizon.

    Additionally, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that Gran Turismo 7 will be receiving a PSVR 2 mode, which will be available at launch as well. GT7 was launched last March, with some of the most stunning graphics and technologies currently found on the PlayStation 5 hardware.

    Resident Evil Village for PlayStation VR2

    Resident Evil Village is another game that will be available at launch for the PlayStation VR 2, as well as No Man’s Sky. More confirmation of titles available at launch should be on the horizon, as the system launches in just weeks.

    Lastly, it was confirmed that the PlayStation 5 console has sold over 30 million units so far. The PSVR 2 will require a PS5 console in order to play. Stay tuned to Final Weapon for the latest on PlayStation VR 2 launch titles!

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