Monolith Soft Shares Staff Illustration Contest Results

    Brand new artwork has been shared.

    In a post made by Monolith Soft tonight, the results of a staff illustration contest were shared. Artwork from seven artists was shown off, with comments from other staff members shown below each piece. Some of the artwork in the contest has been released in the past, such as the recruitment art used for 2022.

    The rules of the contest stated that any member of the company, regardless of position, could enter the contest. The best pieces would then be chosen out of all of the entries and posted to the web through the Monolith Soft website. The round-table discussion about the pieces in the contest was held through a video conference, as noted at the bottom of the page. You can take a look at some of the fantastic art made by the developers below.

    Monolith Soft is the critically acclaimed developer behind the Xenoblade series. Just this past year, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the studio’s latest title, received three nominations at The Game Awards. One of which was the coveted Game of the Year award, which was a true testament to the achievements of the staff. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 took home Final Weapon’s 2022 Game of the Year award as well. We stated in our review that the game “is full of heart, soul, and decades of passion”.

    Be sure to stay tuned to Final Weapon for all the latest on the Xenoblade series! Wave 3 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Expansion Pass should be arriving soon, so be sure to stick around for information when it releases.

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