Fire Emblem Engage Introduces Ike

    The radiant mercenary.

    Nintendo and Intelligent Systems shared new details about Fire Emblem Engage and Ike, the “Emblem of Radiance.”

    Ike is the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and a main character in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. In Fire Emblem Engage, Ike is a powerful Emblem with respectable endurance and defense. Ike’s attack power is already very high, but he gets stronger when more enemies attack him. As a result, he’s quiet useful for attracting enemies.

    Portrait of Ike
    Portrait of Ike

    Ike Introduction Video

    Alear Speaks to Ike

    Here’s an overview of Ike’s Emblem Ring skills via Perfectly Nintendo (official English names pending):

    • Sync Skill: Brave Leader – Boost defense and magic resistance whenever HP drops below 75%.
    • Engage Weapon: Hammer – Can Smash enemies and deals extra damage to armored Units.
    • Engage Skill: Immovable -Lowers damage received by 50% whenever evasion drops to 0. If a Dragon Unit is wearing Ike’s Emblem Ring, damage is lowered by an additional 10%.
    • Engage Attack: Conqueror • Skies –  Boosts Defense for one turn, allowing the Unit to withstand the enemy’s attack, and automatically triggering a powerful ranged attack during the following turn. Also, Unit gets back some of the damage dealt to enemies as HP. With this powerful attack, you can send the Unit to deal with a group of enemies clustered in one spot and annihilate them all in one fell swoop.

    Lastly, Fire Emblem Engage launches January 20, 2023 for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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