Samurai Maiden Steam Update Improves Game Balance, Adds New Tutorials

    More improvements made for the girls sword-fighting game.

    D3 Publisher and SHADE released a new update for Samurai Maiden, which improves game balance and adds new tutorials in the Steam version.

    The new Samurai Maiden Steam update adjusts overall game balance including enemy placement, number of restarts, and combat evaluation criteria (ranking). Additionally, tutorials for Ninja Skills and weapon enhancement were added. Further, notifications for enhancing weapons and unlocking Album events are now available in the Camp menu.

    Patch notes for the new Samurai Maiden update are available below via D3 Publisher:

    Update Information

    • Game Balance Improvements
      • Enemy placement has been adjusted.
      • The number of times you can start over at the restart point has been increased to three times when playing in Normal Mode.
      • Combat evaluation criteria have been adjusted. The criteria for “Enemies Felled” and “Inga Acquired” have been revised downward.
    • Tutorial Improvements
      • New tutorial on “Ninja Skill” has been added.
      • New tutorial on “Enhancing Weapons” has been added.
    • Addition of “Enhancing Weapons” notification function
      • When you have enough “Inga” to strengthen your weapon, a notification badge will appear in the Equip menu of the Camp.
    • Addition of “Album” notification function
      • When there are items that can be unlocked in the “Album”, a notification badge will appear in the Album menu of the Camp.

    Samurai Maiden is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam.

    Lastly, Final Weapon’s coverage of Samurai Maiden may be found below:

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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