Risk of Rain Returns Announced for Nintendo Switch and PC

    During Nintendo’s Inside the House of Indies: Holiday Event Day 2 program, Risk of Rain Returns was announced for the Nintendo Switch. This was later on confirmed to be coming to PC via the Risk of Rain Twitter account. The title will release sometime in 2023.

    Check out what’s new in Risk of Rain Returns below, straight from the developer blog:
    Risk of Rain Returns is a remake of our original 2013 release Risk of Rain. For those of you unfamiliar with the original, Risk of Rain Returns is a 2d multiplayer action platformer with roguelike elements. Stranded on a strange planet waves of alien monsters randomly spawn and attack you.
    The strength of these enemies increases in difficulty as time passes so you have to balance between grabbing items to increase your power and racing through the multiple stages as fast as you can to stay ahead of the curve.

    For those of you who are familiar with Risk of Rain – don’t think this is just a lick of paint on an old classic – Risk of Rain Returns completely overhauls the original and introduces a ton of new content.

    • Updated Codebase

      – We’ll be able to continue to update and add to the game with features that weren’t previously possible

    • All Risk of Rain 1 content returning with glorious new HD pixel art
    • Enhanced Audio

      – including updated SFX & Chris Christodoulou is returning for some additional music tracks!

    • Countless rebalancing and gameplay tweaks

      – a smoother “gameplay feel” without losing that legendary Risk of Rain challenge

    • New Survivors

      – more on these in a future Dev Thoughts!

    • New Survivor Abilities

      – every character now has unlockable alternate abilities to customise your build!

    • New Items

      – some returning from RoR2, some entirely new!

    • New Enemies
    • New Interactables
    • New Stage Variants

      – even RoR1 veterans will have to explore again!

    • Revamped Multiplayer

      – PC version is fully integrated into Steam – no more messing with router settings!!!

    …and a huge amount more – Risk of Rain Returns is a whole new game and an upgraded experience from the original Risk of Rain.

    Stay tuned for the rest of Inside the House of Indies, with Day 3 coming tomorrow!

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