Ys X: Nordics Details Combat, Heroine, and Setting

    Adol and the heroine share a special bond.

    The 2022 year-end edition of Famitsu features an interview with Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo, revealing new details about Ys X: Nordics including combat.

    Combat System

    Ys X: Nordics features a brand-new combat system that removes traditional attack affinities and team mechanics from previous games such as Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana and Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. Protagonist Adol Christin and the unnamed heroine will be the only two playable characters.

    Players will experience a greater variety of combat scenarios due to the new Solo and Combo modes. Solo mode resembles traditional Ys action RPG combat with Adol and the heroine taking the lead. In Combo mode, combat slows down in favor of stronger attacks from the two playable characters. The Revenge meter fills up in combat while defending against enemy attacks, ultimately resulting in positive effects such as increased strength. Additionally, the game features “Mana Actions,” allowing for more freedom in mid-air.

    Heroine and Setting

    The Ys X: Nordics heroine hails from the Northern region of Norman and she’s around Adol’s age in the game, which is 17. The relationship she forms with Adol is one of the main focuses of the new game. According to Kondo, the new game takes place after Ys I and II but before the events of Ys: Memories of Celceta. As a result, Ys X: Nordics is Adol’s third journey in the series timeline.

    Navigating the Seas

    Naval combat comprises roughly 20% of the game’s overall combat. Players are given a map for exploring the seas, and encountering enemies while sailing begins a naval battle. The ship is mounted with cannons, so players can fire away at enemies while maneuvering around opposing cannon fire.

    Towns may be visited in Ys X: Nordics, and the ship acts as a main hub. Ship features and tools may be unlocked through normal progression such as recruitment and prop collection. Recruited crew members will ensure the ship is in the best shape possible during Adol’s adventure (Thanks, @Hansuke21 and NoisyPixel)

    UPDATE – 12/21/2022: More details about Ys X: Nordics have surfaced from the 2022 year-end issue of Famitsu via Gematsu.

    According to Kondo, the game is a “story about boys and girls” to reflect the younger audience currently playing Nintendo Switch titles. The game’s subtitle, Nordics, means “people of the north.” Throughout the course of the adventure, Dr. Flair Rall will be traveling with Adol.

    As previously reported, Ys Memoire: The Oath in Felghana runs at 60 FPS on Nintendo Switch without issue. Two more “refine” games are in development at Falcom, and these titles will likely come to Nintendo Switch as well.

    More details, including gameplay and a potential release date, will be revealed in early to spring 2023 according to Kondo. Ys X: Nordics launches in 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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