Splatter Splashes Onto Steam December 15

    Featuring one of the most beautifully busy HUDs in gaming.

    Baltimore-based developer Rat King Collective will be releasing their debut game, Splatter, on Steam later this week. Splatter sets itself apart from fellow first-person shooters with finger-guns for weaponry and a stylish presentation that looks to be inspired by the early internet. The game’s heads up display features many meters and gauges with text that looks straight out of classic Windows WordArt. Splatter is named for its colorful physically simulated enemy blood that’ll inevitably coat the game’s 16 levels.

    Splatter game logo

    Here’s more information via Rat King Collective:

    About Splatter

    • Splatter is a first-person fever dream where you blast constantly-adapting enemies into neon sprays of pulp and slime. This world is one built for violence. It is a digital mindscape, surreal and yet strangely familiar, constructed by four anonymous administrators. To survive within it, you must overcome each challenge and outsmart hordes of creatures that learn as you defeat them. Blast enemies with your finger guns, chug cans of energy drinks, and maintain your brain chemistry in order to win. Your victories, however, may come at a terrible price. Can you uncover the motives of your captors before it is too late? Can you survive? Can you remain sane? Can you remain yourself?


    • Move Fast and Shoot Recklessly – Splatter features fast & smooth first person movement. Standing still is death. Don’t worry about slowing down to aim carefully, either. All weapons have infinite ammo.
    • Paint the World in Rainbows – Enemy blood is persistent & physically simulated. Watch splatters on ceilings or walls drip & smear.
    • Never Catch Your Breath – Fight waves of endlessly spawning enemies that develop new behaviors as you defeat them. Play aggressive? Enemies will learn new tricks to counter your attacks. Play defensive? They’ll get faster and more dangerous.
    • Push Yourself to the Limit – Challenge yourself to set a new high score with our robust style and combo system, and try to beat your friends on the online leaderboards.
    • Let The Rhythm Move You – Our dynamic soundtracks are so intense they literally shake the level as you play, causing the whole environment to twitch, distort, and change colors.
    • Maintain a Balanced Diet – Munch on CD-ROMs to acquire new weapons. Chug energy drinks to restore your health. These are the only two food groups in the game and in real life.

    Splatter has been in development by a team of seven people since early 2021. This bold first-person blaster releases December 15th for $14.99. A demo is available now via its Steam page.

    Rat King Collective is an independent studio of illustrators and game designers in Maryland. They (in their own words) “make fucked up little games for fucked up little people”. Stay tuned to Final Weapon for more news on the developer and their promising new game.

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