Forspoken Demo Available Now

    Square Enix announced tonight at The Game Awards that Forspoken has a brand new demo, which is out right now! Check out the new trailer below, as well as a snippet from Square Enix:

    The trailer provides a deeper look at the devastating effects of the Break, a powerful and mysterious force that corrupts everything it touches, including the inhabitants of Athia and the Tantas, the once benevolent matriarchs who now rule the lands as evil and maddened sorceresses.

    Players will experience the corruption first-hand in the demo and can expect to face-off with a variety of enemies and test their fighting abilities with an extensive arsenal of attack and support magic that will prepare them for the high-octane action they will encounter when the full game launches next month.

    The Forspoken Demo is available now for download on the PlayStation® Store.

    Forspoken is a PlayStation 5 exclusive, so naturally, the Forspoken Demo will only be available on the PS5 Store. The game was originally supposed to release in 2022, before getting delayed multiple times due to development troubles. The demo is expected to last a few hours and offer players a taste of the combat and world of Forspoken.

    Forspoken launches on January 24, 2023 exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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