Dragon Quest X Offline Alchemy Pot and Rarefied Monsters detailed

    Square Enix shared new details about Dragon Quest X Offline regarding the Alchemy Pot and Rarefied Monsters. Players may synthesize goods such as food, consumable items, materials, and labyrinth coins. Rarefied Monsters give out valuable loot when defeated such as accessories or recipes.

    Read up on more details about Dragon Quest X Offline via Gematsu:

    ■ Forge Labyrinth Coins and Food in the Alchemy Pot

    In Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline, you can use the “Alchemy Pot” obtained during your adventure to synthesize labyrinth coins for Magic Labyrinths, food that boosts your stats during battle, and consumable items and materials such as strong medicine. Everything you can synthesize will prove useful on your adventure, so discover new recipes and try to create various items.

    How to Use the Alchemy Pot

    —1. After obtaining the Alchemy Pot, you can select it from the menu at safe locations such as villages.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —2. After deciding which item you would like to create, a list of learned recipes will appear.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —3. If you have the materials for it, you can start synthesizing with the Alchemy Pot. You can even make the item in bulk.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —4. And the synthesis is complete! The Alchemy Pot can be used to synthesize items unavailable for purchase at shops.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    How to Obtain Recipes

    There are a number of ways to obtain the recipes required to create items with the Alchemy Pot or Fun-Size Forge. In addition to finding recipes on bookshelves in various towns and villages, or buying them at shops, you can also discover new recipes inside the treasure chests dropped by monsters every once in a while.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    Consume Tasty Food to Boost Your Attack Power

    Food created in the Alchemy Pot can be consumed in battle to boost your stats. Some foods even affect the entire party, making them a crucial item in battles against tough enemies.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    ■ Obtain Valuable Items from Rarefied Monsters

    In Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline, there are “Rarefied Monsters” said to be long-lived creatures rarefied with a new name and appearance. You may encounter these monsters from time to time. While these are formidable foes, defeating them will yield you valuable items such as Fun-Size Forge recipes, forging and Alchemy Pot materials, and so on.

    A Look at a Few Rarefied Monsters

    —Elder Shield

    The rarefied version of a leery lout. Defeating them may sometimes yield you a forging recipe.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —Slime Sisters

    The rarefied version of a slime stack. This cute stack of pink slimes may drop an accessory or material.

    Dragon Quest X Offline


    The rarefied version of a meowgician. It drops treasure chests containing forging materials and other items.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    —Type G0

    The rarefied version of a killing machine. Revised and improved, it is the latest model of its predecessor. It is strong, but defeating it will yield you valuable forging materials.

    Dragon Quest X Offline

    Lastly, Dragon Quest X Offline releases this Summer for PS4, PS5, Switch and PC via Steam in Japan.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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