Side-scrolling indie JRPG Pomegranate is coming to Steam in 2022

    Japanese indie developer zaqr0xxx announced new side-scrolling JRPG Pomegranate is coming to PC via Steam! Pomegranate takes place in future version of Shinjuku where “angels” have direct influence on the people. Angels may not only pose a threat, but those who worship them are granted power. Throughout the story, players traverse Shinjuku in side-scrolling fashion with access to shops. The game features visual novel style dialogue with decisions affecting the story as it progresses. Additionally, the story is fully voice acted and character portraits have animations. Character designers and illustrations are created by @you_dokuo.

    Gameplay Footage

    In combat, players take control of a party with up to 3 characters in real-time combat with 6 characters to choose from. Characters may attack and guard based on their position in battle. For example, a character in O (circle) position attacks by pressing the O button. Weapons and skills may be upgraded to become stronger just like most JRPGs. Crowd-funding for the game is live on Campfire with a goal of 500,000 yen (roughly $4,330). Pomegranate is currently planned for a release by December 2022 in Japan for PC via Steam. Lastly, more details and screenshots are found in the official website here.

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