Composer Yuzo Koshiro is working on Mina the Hollower

    Yacht Club Games announced that composer Yuzo Koshiro is working on new tracks for Mina the Hollower! The renown composer is working on two new tracks and shared a new video addressing fans. Check out more details via the Kickstarter page:

    “This exciting collaboration is thanks to all the backers of Mina the Hollower and fans of my work as well!”

    You are the FIRST to hear it, folks! The legendary composer, Yuzo Koshiro, will be composing two tracks in Mina the Hollower! If you aren’t familiar with this music virtuoso, he’s a musical genius who’s composed tracks for some of your favorite games going back 30+ years. To list just a few of the games he’s contributed to: Super Smash Bros., Shenmue, The Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Etrian Odyssey, Castlevania, and much MUCH more.

    Treat your ears to some of his incredible tunes…

    The Streets of Rage 2 -he also worked on 3 and 4!

    Super Smash Bros.  – remix of a fan favorite.

    ActRaiser – One of the best level 1 songs ever.

    Castlevania Portrait of Ruin – Classic Castlevania.

    Etrian Odyssey III – The stylistic range is impressive!

    Ys II  – various artists worked on this OST but the first song is the one to check out!

    Kid Icarus: Uprising – BIG and orchestral!

    If you want a full playlist of lots of great tracks Koshiro has had a hand in, check this one put together by GoombaTV.

    If you were to ask your favorite game musician who their favorite artists are, chances are, you’d hear Yuzo Koshiro over and over again. He’s a living legend and we’re beyond humbled to have him contribute to the creative melting pot of Mina the Hollower. A big shout out to our friends at Brave Wave, who helped reach out to him with this opportunity!

    Want to know more about Yuzo Koshiro?  check out his Twitter and YouTube channel!

    Mina the Hollower is expected to release by December 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and Steam. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest gaming news and updates!

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    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
    Raul Ochoa, a.k.a. Soul Kiwami, is the Deputy Editor in Chief of Final Weapon. With a passion for the Japanese gaming industry, Raul is a huge fan of Nintendo Switch, PC hardware, JRPGs and fighting/action games. business email: [email protected]

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