Nimbus INFINITY is out now for Steam Early Access

    GameTomo announced that mecha action game Nimbus INFINITY is out now for Steam Early Access! The early access version costs $14.99 and features the first six missions of the game. Additionally, the game features English voice-overs with Japanese and Thai subtitle options. Console versions are planned for a later date and the Steam version will remain in early access through 2022. Check out more details and the latest trailer below:

    Nimbus INFINITY

    A direct sequel to Project Nimbus, Nimbus INFINITY is a high-speed mecha combat game. Controlling multi-purpose humanoid machines called Battle Frames, players can customize weapons and loadouts to gain the edge in battle, and unravel the story of a new generation of pilots.

    • High-speed, mech combat.

    • Customize weapons and loadouts to better suit one’s skills and preferences.

    • Variety of new stages, environments, and area gimmicks.

    • A new story with a new cast, exploring the world 21 years after the events of Project Nimbus. Although the world has seemed to move beyond the war-torn history of Battle Frames, there seems to be something moving in the undercurrent of this peace…

    Fast Action Combat

    A variety of new enemy types requiring fighting skill and split second decisions. Choose your combat stance and best weapon for the job…missiles, guns or melee, nothing matters if the ace pilot (you!) chokes under pressure

    An Epic Space Saga

    Play as Taiyo, the young delivery boy who is taken to the stars by a chance meeting with a fallen Battle Frame. From glittering cities to vast deserts to colonies on the edge of space, you will fight across the world and into the stars to save Earth from destruction

    Customize Your Battle Frame

    Create your own weapon loadouts from a variety of weapon types such as handguns, rifles, missiles, cannons, along with defensive countermeasures like decoys and camo.

    A New Age

    It’s the eve of the year 2100. In the time since the end of the last great war, half of humanity has migrated to space and built colonies to open anew horizon, while the central CFN government has successfully united the warring factions of Earth under its iron command. Battle Frame technology has fallen into disuse, as elite pilots with the ability to create neural links with the mighty mechs have all but vanished, ceding the battlefield to brute force and superior numbers. But as 2099 ends and 2100 begins, a young man sees a bright light streak across the sky, and the future of humanity once again hangs in the balance.

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    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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