CUBETYPE released update 1.10 of Labyrinth of Touhou – Gensokyo and the Heaven-Piercing Tree! English support, trading cards and community items are now available for the Steam versions. Currently, it’s unknown if English support will land on the PS4 and Switch versions. Check out more details about the game below:

“There’s no way we can leave something as ridiculous as the Ame-no-Murakumo being stolen alone.”

Challenge the mysterious great tree that suddenly appeared!
The Dungeon Crawler, Labyrinth of Touhou – Gensokyo and the Heaven-Piercing Great Tree is finally on sale!

Challenge the Great Tree with the maidens of Gensokyo!

The huge tree that suddenly appeared, the theft of Ame-No-Murakumo, and then…?
Find the mastermind behind all the recent incidents!

Choosing from many Touhou Project characters, form and develop a large team of 12, and challenge the powerful foes that stand in your way.
Many tricky boss battles will be waiting through your journey.
Choose from over 50 characters to make your perfect party, and head towards the great labyrinth that pierces the skies!
Lose your way, and yourself, as you utilize the plethora of customization features to spoil your favorite characters rotten!

Both the acclaimed “Labyrinth of Touhou 2” and its expansion Plus Disk have been combined into one massive game.
Character graphics have been redrawn, the game is now in full HD, and movement speed and consecutive battle bonus have been increased to enhance the game experience.

Conquer the Great Tree that spans across more than forty floors, the randomly-generated endless dungeon, as well as two incidents in Gensokyo!
Maps that are easy for even beginners to get into!
Enjoy the revised character portraits, and the adorable chibi avatar moving about!

Choose freely from a roster of over 50 characters, and use both tactics and character customization to claim victory over more than 100 boss battles!
Make use of each character’s unique skills, equipment crafting, status increasing items, level up bonuses… many options are available to build your team just the way you want.
You can even use special items to teach them various subclasses.

You can also spend money to increase their status! Perhaps when all else fails, the power of money will prevail…?

The battles that await you are both beautiful and daunting.
Choose the best characters and the right tactics for each battle, or ignore efficiency and use only your favorites, the choice is all yours!
Enjoy the tension while facing down these powerful foes!

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