Arc System Works announced that Guilty Gear Strive update 1.10 releases on October 15th across PS4, PS5 and Steam! The update includes the following features and fixes:


  • Adds the PS4 event “Tournament” feature for ESL (not found on the PS5 version)

  • Reduces network connection time upon login

  • Adds “Sync R-Code with Server” feature in Settings -> System Settings

    • This feature is very useful if save data is lost or deleted

Network Mode

  • When the player’s suggested floor is the Celestial Floor, they will now begin matching on the Celestial Floor after selecting Quick Start from the main menu.

Training Mode

  • When Counter Setting and either Automatic Psych Burst or Automatic Roman Cancel are set simultaneously, the Counter Setting will be prioritized.


  • The battle version has been updated from 1.04 to 1.05.

    • *You can check the battle version in the Replay Theater, etc. Some missions in Mission Mode have been changed to reflect this.

  • Fixed a bug where sound effects for flame attacks would be played multiple times under certain circumstances.


  • Fixed a bug where the Maximum Combo Damage and Maximum Combo Hits would not be displayed properly. Previous data will be reset on login, and properly registered from current gameplay.

  • Damage from Wall Break will now be included in Maximum Combo Damage, Total Damage Dealt, and Total Damage Taken.


  • Fixed a bug where the Network functions would not respond properly, mostly after viewing a large amount of play data from the Ranking screen.

Major Confirmed Issue:

  • Network features are completely inaccessible under certain play environments. We are continuing to look into and address this issue.

  • Any players experiencing this issue, please contact customer support with the following information:

    • Type of console in use

    • Internet provider or contracted service in use

    • Model number of the router or network adapter in use

    • If possible, an image of the error message or a video showing when the error occurs

    • Customer Support:

Update 1.10 also introduces some character balance adjustments. Further details are available below:

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