Suda51 is interested in a No More Heroes spin-off featuring Shinobu, mentions new IPs in development at Grasshopper Manufacture

    In a recent interview at GameXplain, No More Heroes series director Suda51 shared this thoughts about No More Heroes III and the future of the franchise. According to Suda51, he’s planned the third game in the series for a very long time. Suda planned for the game to be very large in scale but eventually pulled back some of that scale due to logistical reasons. Travis Touchdown is making a big return with No More Heroes III on August 27th.

    The future of the series looks interesting but it’s mostly dependent on Marvelous. Suda51 is interested in a possible spin-off featuring Shinobu. Other characters from the franchise were considered for a spin-off but Shinobu seems to be the best option for that route. He’d even like for Shinobu to appear as a guest character in other games. As previously mentioned, Marvelous decides whether or not Suda can go ahead with his plans for the franchise due to IP ownership.

    Suda51 is already talking about No More Heroes IV but it’s a very long ways away. Suda states that if he would make a fourth entry, it would “probably be in 10 years or so, both in real life and in the game’s time”. He wants Travis’ to have a “Rocky IV” type of journey where he fights an insanely powerful enemy. Suda51 adds by saying that there are new IPs in the works at Grasshopper. This is an another reason why No More Heroes IV wouldn’t release for a long time. That being said, fans are in for a real treat with No More Heroes III later this month.

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    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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