Taito announced that G-Darius HD is coming to PS4 and Switch later this year! This is a remaster of the original 1997 shoot ’em up releasing both physically and digitally for both platforms. Check out more details below:

Stuttgart, 22nd July 2021 – TAITO and ININ Games are happy to announce G-Darius HD – a remastered port of the original G-Darius from 1997! The classic shoot ‘em up will be released both physically and digitally on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 for Europe and North America later this year and can already be pre-ordered.

Developed by the masters of remastering at M2, G-Darius HD is a beautiful port of the original game from the late 90s that was known for its epic, boss versus player beam-battles and its brilliant, catchy soundtrack. Back then, the game was praised as a prime example of how to bring a 2D game genre to 3D properly. Now true fans of the series and new players alike, can enjoy this iconic shoot ‘em up in HD glory! And those who enjoy authentic graphics, faithful to the original also get their money’s worth, as it  can be played in low resolution to get the classic arcade experience.


  • Branching stages and different paths within one stage

  • Iconic maritime-inspired boss design

  • Unique capture system of enemy spacecrafts for strategic depth

  • Playable with modern high-resolution, or original arcade graphics

  • Fantastic soundtrack and audio design

For more information about the game, visit https://darius.iningames.com/

Announcement Trailer

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