Atlus released a new video for Shin Megami Tensei V, sharing the latest information about the game! The presentation was hosted by MC Chiaki Matsuzawa in a local news style format and starts off with introducing new characters. This includes the following characters found in the game:

Tao Isonokami

Tao is the protagonist’s classmate, a third year student with spiritual powers. Members of Bethel Japan call her “the Saint,” assisting Bethel’s Japanese branch including the protagonist and his friends. She’s had these powers since she was little and strange dreams. Tao is kind hearted and calm. A strange and distant voice keeps calling to her…

Yuzuru Atsuta

Yuzuru is a responsible and assertive friend to the protagonist. He fights alongside Bethel to protect his sister Miyazu as she’s the only family he has. He wanders into the world of Da’at with the protagonist and vows to defend the people of Tokyo. Yuzuru wonders how Tokyo reached the state it is in…

Ichiro Dazai

The protagonist’s cheerful classmate and friend. While livestreaming to his audience, he gets caught in the tunnel and wanders into Da’at with Yuzuru and the protagonist. He embraces Bethel’s call to action and hopes to prove his worth by fighting for a noble cause…

Miyazu Atsuta

Miyazu is Yuzuru’s sister. She is shy and reserved, often being in the nurse’s office at the protagonist’s high school. When the high school gets assaulted by demons, she is caught in the chaos with the protagonist and his friends…

Hayao Koshimizu 

Hayao is the prime minister of Japan and the chief of Bethel’s Japan branch. He’s calm, collected and strategic. He offers the demon summoning program to the protagonist and his friends. Aogami looks just like Hayao…

The protagonist, Nahobino, obtains his powers in the world of Da’at and swears to protect his friends. A band of demons attack the high school, causing chaos to ensue. Battle features such as Magatsuhi were also highlighted in the new video. Magatsuhi skills may unleash devastating attacks as well as defensive and healing skills. However, enemies may also use Magatsuhi skills so be careful. The video is available with Japanese audio and subtitles but English captions are supported. DLC for the game has also been confirmed and will be detailed at a later date. Check it out below:

The official Shin Megami Tensei V website has been updated with a few new demons, Hayataro and Manananggal. Another character was revealed, Sahori Kijima. She is another student at the protagonist’s high school and gets caught up by demons. Check them out below:



Sahori Kijima

Lastly, Shin Megami Tensei V releases on November 12th worldwide for Switch. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and support us on Patreon!