Famitsu just published a massive interview with Tetsuya Nomura, creative director of Final Fantasy VII Remake and the Kingdom Hearts series! According to Nomura himself, he’s working on an “unprecedented amount” of games at Square Enix. Due to this, Square Enix veteran Naoki Hamaguchi is the new main director for the next installment of FFVII Remake. Nomura is currently the director for Kingdom Hearts and with big plans for the series, it requires a lot of his focus. Nomura doesn’t state which projects he’s directly working on specifically but Kingdom Hearts is a known major part of his plans.

With Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade’s reveal, Nomura teased Weiss and his involvement. Nomura states that the boss of the new Yuffie episode is different than Weiss but encourages fans to please wait to find out more! Nomura wants to add a secret boss to the original release of FFVII Remake so this could be referring to that. Additionally, Yuffie will be directly controllable in the new story content. Yuffie’s “brother”, Sonon, is not directly controlled but can be issued commands. The pair can use combination attacks so it will be interesting to see in action!

These were the main takeaways from the interview and we can’t wait for more FFVII Remake Intergrade content to be shown off soon. In the meantime, read up on more information about FFVII Remake Intergrade here. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and feel free to support us over on Patreon!