Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura has shared some interesting tidbits and thoughts about Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory in some recent interviews! Some of these details include the game’s box art, Nomura’s favorite music in the series and incorporating story elements into the rhythm game. Check it out below courtesy of KH Insider:


(About the box art)

Nomura: Even the pictures in the frames have special meaning, and it was a big pain trying to finish the drawing with no time to spare. I had this same thought when drawing the box art for KH3, too – the number of characters keeps growing and growing, and I want to do a reset on that trend (laughs).

(Sora is in his KH1 form, is this a Sora from the “world of memories”… or something?)

Nomura: That is… a secret (laughs).


Nomura: I really liked the visuals [from the KINGDOM HEARTS MEMORIAL MUSIC BOX website], so I asked them whether they could make something with that vibe. However, the first time they showed me what they’d made in that style, I got so motion sick I nearly threw up (laughs).

(On his fave music)

Nomura: I like Hikari. That song is so deeply ingrained as the symbol of KH. Also, the title screen song.

Hazama: You mean Dearly Beloved.

Nomura: I can never remember its name (laughs).

(About the story)

Nomura: This is a slight tangent, but a long time ago we did a flip phone game called Kingdom Hearts Mobile, which had a “Tycoon” card-based minigame*. It involved characters playing Tycoon, and Disney asked us to add plot to it. They wanted there to be a reason that the characters would be playing Tycoon together. So yes, I wrote a story for that, and I thought well if I had given Tycoon a story then this game should very well have one too. I settled on Kairi as the narrator, and wrote new plot that leads into what is coming next.

*The game he’s referring to is Card StruggleView the list of KH Mobile minigames here.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory releases on November 13th for PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!