No More Heroes 1 rated in Taiwan for Nintendo Switch

    While Suda51 is doing his usual funny business by teasing No More Heroes 3 in ways that don’t actually let you see the gameplay, the original Wii title has been rated in Taiwan for the Nintendo Switch. Fans have speculated that the original two games would be ported in time for No More Heroes 3, and it seems like now may be the time for that to come to fruition.

    While the second game, Desperate Struggle, is nowhere to be seen, the original title was found on the ratings board in Taiwan, so it’s possible both titles will be sold separately if Desperate Struggle is also being ported- again, however, nothing on that end has been found yet. We will update if No More Heroes is officially confirmed, or if No More Heroes 2 is found as well.

    Interestingly, Suda has gone on record stating that he was in talks with Marvelous!, the IP holders of No More Heroes, about bringing the series as of Travis Strikes Again to the PlayStation 4, after the first game made it to PlayStation 3 in the form of No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise.

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