Bungie went all out today with revealing the future of Destiny 2. Season of Arrivals starts today in the game, bringing the impending Pyramid threat even further into the worlds of Destiny 2 before a new chapter begins this fall. Season of Arrivals includes:

  • New exotics
  • New public event
  • New dungeon: Prophecy
  • New gear, weapons, etc

On September 22nd, Beyond Light will arrive as a new expansion in Destiny. Guardians will finally wield the Darkness to fight their combatants on the new destination of Europa. Europa was originally designed as a concept for Destiny 1 as the home-world of the Exo. Within Europa, players will gain access to Stasis, the new Darkness subclass for each Guardian type. More seasons, weapons, destinations and much more will be added over time beginning with Beyond Light.

Bungie has addressed the growing issue with Destiny 2: the scope and sheer file size of the game. At this point, Bungie is set on removing legacy content from Destiny 2 that is not played by the vast majority of players. By doing this, the team will be able to add more content and take Destiny 1 content from the “Content Vault” to make new in Destiny 2. For example, Vault of Glass raid and the Cosmodrome destination from Destiny 1 will return in Year 4 of Destiny 2 because of this. More details are found in the Viable Future article courtesy of Bungie.

Bungie has teased the long future of Destiny 2 with two more expansions after Beyond Light. The Witch Queen arrives in 2021 and Lightfall arrives in 2022 as a culmination of the current Destiny story. Lastly, all content and future expansions of Destiny 2 will carry over to PS5 and Xbox Series X with cross-play added. Upgrading to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will be free. Players will be able to enjoy the game with other players across console generations. Next-gen versions support 4K resolution at 60fps.

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