Uncharted Movie Somehow Loses Another Director

    Sony’s Uncharted movie, based on the acclaimed PlayStation series, has lost its sixth director attached to the project. Yes, you read that right. SIX.
    According to sources in an exclusive from Deadline. Travis Knight recently became the most recent director to leave the project. This was due to scheduling conflicts between him and the upcoming Spider-Man film starring Tom Holland. Knight recently directed the critically acclaimed and successful “Bumblebee”. Sony will now search for its seventh director to take on the film. The movie adaptation intends to be a prequel to the games. It stars Holland as a young Nathan Drake. Mark Wahlberg was recently cast as Victor “Sully” Sullivan. A story we reported on back in November.
    According to the story, Sony still intends to get this movie made. Tom Holland has a close relationship with both Sony and Columbia Pictures. Thus, both studios have a commitment to get this film off the ground. Columbia Pictures distributed the last two Spider-Man movies starring Holland.
    The Uncharted film has been infamous for its change in directors. And stuck in development hell for nearly a decade. The Uncharted film was originally slated for December 2020 release window. Sony has pushed the film back. The film’s new release date is unknown.
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