Mark Wahlberg Reportedly Joins Uncharted Film Adaptation

    According to an exclusive report from Variety, Mark Wahlberg is in talks to play Victor “Sully” Sullivan in Sony’s upcoming film adaptation to Uncharted.

    Wahlberg originally was attached to the project in 2012 during the film’s early stages and was expected to play the franchise’s icon, Nathan Drake. David O. Russell was set to direct the film at the time. However, in 2016, Wahlberg then left the project and was no longer a part of the cast.

    The film itself, and its production has notoriously been in development hell since the origins of the film were confirmed as far back as 2009. The film has seen up to six directors come on and go during the movie’s development. It has also had several script rewrites as well.

    The current version of the film will have Travis Knight at the helm. Knight recently directed the critically and commercially successful “Bumblee” film. Tom Holland of Spider-Man fame, was cast as Nathan Drake in 2017. The film will be an origin story and Holland’s version of the character is a young version of Drake. And with Wahlberg back on board; albeit in a different role, Sony plans to start filming the movie in early 2020.

    If all goes well, the film will hit theaters on December 18, 2010. It will be distributed by Columbia Pictures.

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