Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Head of Global Second Party Games Leaves Company

    Gio Corsi, who is best known for being the Global Head of Second Party Games at Sony Interactive Entertainment. Announced today he has left the company. Corsi broke the news on his official Twitter account.

    “It’s been a hell of a ride but last week was my final one at PlayStation. I’m taking some time off but I will be back in games soon enough. I’m extremely proud of all the amazing things we accomplished. Big love to everyone past & present who made my time there truly special.” Corsi sated.

    Corsi also confirmed that he would be taking some personal time off and take a break before starting a new venture in the video game industry.

    Corsi was also best known for his love and appreciation for the PlayStation Vita handheld, despite its low sales and appeal. This led to him having a cult following among PlayStation Vita owners. Corsi even reiterated his love for the Vita in his statement.

    Corsi’s exit from Sony follows the departure of Sony’s Head of Game Studios Shawn Layden. Who announced his stunning exit from the company early in October. Corsi’s departure, while not as high profile, is another blow to the company as it plans to launch the PlayStation 5. Which is due to launch by holiday 2020.

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