Destiny 2 Steam launch peaks at over 200K players despite numerous server issues and long queue times

    Today has been quite interesting for Destiny 2 with the launch of the Shadowkeep and the Steam version. I myself have been sitting for about 3 hours waiting for the game to unpack despite having a good connection and a decent SSD. You’re not missing much if you manage to get in anyway because server issues and long queue times have already popped to the surprise of no one.

    Luckily some good news has come with this new version of Destiny 2 as it already peaked at 214,100 players making it the biggest Steam launch this year. Most of that of course is due to the game going free to play after previously being sold on Battlenet since 2017. Bungie is aware of these issues and hopefully in the coming days things should be resolved and you’ll be able to enjoy Destiny 2 without much of a hassle.

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