In a recent interview with, Yacht Club Games COO James Chan talks about Shovel Knight’s success and whats next for the company. Chan reiterates that Nintendo platforms will continue to be a priority at the company. Along with this, he states that the Switch is a platform where players speak their “language.” This most likely refers to the Switch audience being the key demographic for the company’s games. Here’s the excerpt from the interview:

“It was so early that we benefited from people having nothing else to buy,” Chan adds, noting that Shovel Knight was among the first wave of third-party titles on both Wii U and Switch. “We were lucky then, but we do still see that the Switch is a really good platform for us. It’s where gamers that speak our language are. It’s definitely going to be our main focus.”

Furthermore, Chan talks about Yacht Club being dedicated to the area of “classic gaming.” He later cites Blizzard Entertainment as an influence in how to approach games. The company plans to move on from Shovel Knight but exactly when is unknown. Plans are in motion to take Yacht Club Games to the next level (pun fully intended)! Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Nintendo Switch and indie news!