Initially a Kickstarter project, needless to say, that Chibig’s Studio dream project, Summer In Mara met a huge success on the crowdfunding site with nearly 250k euros. With a premise such as making an action-adventure game with light RPG elements, heavily inspired by Wind Waker and with a Studio Ghibli inspired world, it’s not surprising that many would be highly interested. The 2019 game has however been delayed to February of next year, this is the statement

“Dear Backers,

It’s been a while. We’re sorry for not updating the project during these past months, we’ve been very busy, I hope you can understand.
We want to share with you a couple of things that we have been preparing during this time.

Since the Kickstarter ended, we have been in contact with some publishers interested in Summer in Mara. We’re very grateful to them. They help us a lot, solved our doubts, and teach us some cool things about game dev and publishing. However, we want to make this journey on our own.
We want to learn not only how to make games, but how to publish them and sell them. So we’re going to manage all the things involved in the Summer in Mara release. Thanks to it, we will be closer to you and all of our fans and players. This is the first time that we do something like this, so please be patient with us.

Because of this decision, we will have to delay the game…
The new release date for the game in early February.

We will make updates more frequently from now on. We want to stay in touch with you and get to know what do you think of our development process and the things that we’re making.
So, stay tuned to our next week update, in which we’re going to tell you more about the physical rewards.
See you in Mara!


We’re really glad to announce that the game is already working on Nintendo Switch.”


It’s interesting to note that the Nintendo Switch version seems to have the priority here when it comes to consoles as the nearly done game will soon enter the QA Testing phase and ports to other platforms afterward, even though it’s releasing February 2020 worldwide, on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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