Rumor: FCC fillings from Nintendo indicate new processor/flash storage chips for Nintendo Switch

    It has been heavily rumored for some time that the Nintendo Switch would receive two noticeable revisions. Today, it was officially announced that the Nintendo Switch Lite would be hitting stores September 20th, 2019. This had many people wondering, where was the heavily speculated Nintendo Switch Pro? The Wall Street Journal has been reporting for some time that a Nintendo Switch Pro could be releasing as soon as Summer 2019. Eurogamer, who accurately gave details of the Nintendo Switch Lite before its reveal, also said that a more powerful Nintendo Switch was in development. They said this Nintendo Switch would be akin to a Nintendo 3DS to New Nintendo 3DS level upgrade. To add more fuel to this fire, it was discovered that Nintendo plans to revise the current Nintendo Switch with a new processor and new flash storage chips according to their FCC filings. This would fit the Wall Street Journal’s description of the so called Nintendo Switch Pro looking similar to the Nintendo Switch.


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