Dr. Mario World released today, and naturally it has already been datamined. The datamine has revealed brand new characters that seem to be joining as doctors in the near future. You can take a look at the datamined characters below.

These are all the sprites, each having three expressions. Dr. Mario, Dr. Luigi, Dr. Peach, Dr. Toad, and Dr. Bowser are the only doctors currently available in the game. Here is a list of all the new doctors found in this datamine.

  • Dr. Baby Mario
  • Dr. Baby Luigi
  • Dr. Baby Peach
  • Dr. Baby Daisy
  • Dr. Wario
  • Dr. Waluigi
  • Dr. Bowser Jr.
  • Dr. Wendy
  • Dr. Ludwig
  • Dr. Donkey Kong
  • Dr. Diddy Kong
  • Dr. Rosalina
  • Dr. Luma
  • Dr. Daisy
  • Dr. Toadette

Dr. Mario World is available now on iOS and Android. Have you played Dr. Mario World? If so, are you enjoying the game so far? Let us know and join the conversation on Twitter!

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