2 million courses have been uploaded in Super Mario Maker 2

    Nintendo announced via Twitter today that there are now over 2 million courses uploaded in Super Mario Maker 2.

    Super Mario Maker 2 is the sequel to the Wii U’s Super Mario Maker. The game released on June 28th, 2019, and seemingly is selling extremely well. New to the series, Super Mario Maker 2 offers a story mode, where players are tasked with completing levels to help rebuild Princess Peach’s castle. The game also offers a brand new game style, Super Mario 3D World! This style offers lots of brand new objects and enemies for players to use, such as the Koopa Car or Meowser! There have been many fantastic creations on Super Mario Maker 2’s course world so far, such as music from your favorite Nintendo titles, or even a level based on the Nintendo Switch!

    Have you uploaded any of your own levels to Course World? Reply with your level on Twitter!

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