Verlet Swing review

    • Developer – Stage Clear Studios
    • Publisher – Digerati Distribution
    • Platforms – Nintendo Switch, PC
    • Release date – Sep 18, 2018(PC), June 14th, 2019(Nintendo Switch)
    • Price – $14.99
    • Reviewed on – Nintendo Switch
    • Review code provided – Yes

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    Verlet Swing is an extremely unique swinging platformer. You swing from object to object to try to reach a glowing sphere somewhere in the stage. Swinging object to object is the only way you can reach the goal, but you must use your momentum as well. Momentum plays a critical role in Verlet Swing, as in most courses you have to put it to good use. There might be a goal where you have to go incredibly fast to reach it. There are over 100 unique stages, all of which are very fun and unique. All of the various stages have unique elements, such as dolphins, fish, or even a pizza slices! The stages in Verlet Swing are extremely unique and filled with many details with extraordinary colors. Each of the 100+ stages in the game are unique, and give a different experience. While swinging to the goal, you cannot touch anything. Objects, floors, walls, and anything except for the glowing sphere will result in a death. The courses are extremely weird but very very cool. They all have a theme they go off of, with specific objects throughout to emphasize it. When you play the first level in Verlet Swing, it’s very easy. The goal is in sight, and really it just takes one small swing to make it to the goal. As you further progress in the first world, Verlet Swing starts to move the shining sphere (your goal) further and further away, making it out of sight. This adds quite a bit of challenge to the game, as sometimes you have to guess to find the goal. Verlet Swing has a total of 5 worlds, each with a total of 20 levels. As you progress through the worlds, the levels inside get somewhat harder. Some levels are extremely tricky, and it personally took me quite a bit of time to complete them. The game rates you on how quickly you beat the level. You receive a rating 1-5 stars each time after beating the level. There is quite a bit of replayability, as players can try to beat their times on the various levels in the game. With a large variety of courses and worlds to traverse through, Verlet Swing offers players a game that they can come back to time and time again.

    Menu / Sensitivity

    The game has a very cool and functional UI and menu. There are quite a bit of options that will help you succeed in the 100+ levels in the game. The menu has a variety of options to choose from. You can play through the 100+ levels, or you can play through the challenge levels the game has to offer. There are a grand total of 11 challenge levels in Verlet Swing. To unlock these, you must complete a certain amount of levels, with most levels unlocking after reaching level 20, 40, 60, & 100. The most important setting is sensitivity. Sensitivity is crucial in Verlet Swing as this game’s original platform was PC. It is a lot harder to swing with a controller when compared to a mouse, so cranking up the sensitivity helps make it a little bit easier. It still isn’t easy however. Without a mouse, Verlet Swing gets very difficult late game. The game is still quite playable though, but you need to master every turn extremely well to get a quick time.

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    Final Thoughts

    Verlet Swing is a great game to play at home or on the go. Although it might be tough in some levels due to the sensitivity controls, I still had a ton of fun regardless. I beat every single level for this review, which took me approximately 10 hours to go through. Verlet Swing embraces the weird, and I am all for it. I never thought swinging from pizza slice to pizza slice could be so much fun.


    Verlet Swing is a swinging platformer, where you swing from all of the objects in the stage to reach the goal. There is a massive amount of content in this game, and it's a great pickup for those looking for a unique game.
    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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    Verlet Swing is a swinging platformer, where you swing from all of the objects in the stage to reach the goal. There is a massive amount of content in this game, and it's a great pickup for those looking for a unique game.Verlet Swing review