Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night devs share new development update regarding various bug fixes

    The Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night developers have shared a brand new development update on Kickstarter focusing on DLC, bug fixes, and the Switch version. For those who don’t know, the Switch version has many problems, and is currently almost unplayable. The developers delayed the Switch version for one week in hopes to fix the bugs, however they were not able to by release day. Below you can find the entire Kickstarter post, written by Roberto Piraino, the Global Brand Manager of 505 Games.

    “Hello again everyone! Not to be outdone, our amazing production and development teams came through with confirmed updates to share with you regarding progress on bug fixing, DLC and improvements to the Switch, and even bonus info on platform wide improvements! So let’s dive right in:

    Chest Bug

    Xbox One (Status: Fix Incoming) 

    • Treasure chest issues have been fixed; after the patch, unique items will be obtainable even on existing playthroughs.

    • The patch for this should be submitted today (Wednesday), and we anticipate public release on Friday or Saturday.

    • The teams are also working on additional improvements and bug fixes.

    Playstation 4 (Status—unchanged)

    • The problems causing the bug have been identified, teams are working to identify and implement solutions.

    • No new users affected by this bug, just like before all new games/playthroughs are safe to play.

    Nintendo Switch (Status—fix being tested) 

    • The fix is currently in test, the submission date we were working toward has been delayed due to a graphical bug that has reemerged.

    • We anticipate testing will be completed by next week, which would mean an ETA of public release during the week of July 15, 2019.


    Map Improvements

    • Map close button has been remapped to standard exit/close button

    • Marker button has been changed

    • Trail display button has been changed

    • Map scroll speed improved

    • Zoom in and zoom out improved

    • Zoom level retained when reopening the map

    • Auto-center when opening the map

    • Bug fix: No longer displaying enemies for completed quests

    Fixed items getting stuck on walls/geometry

    • The functionality of waiting until the item is collected automatically has been left in, in case the issue persists.

    Switch-specific Improvements

    • HD Rumble issues in certain areas of the game have been fixed

    • Enabled Traditional Chinese language option

    • Fixed instances where the game would crash while transitioning between rooms

    • Work has been done on the technical “non-visible” side of things to improve input delay, stability, and various optimizations. The teams are continuing to work on these items and we’ll have future updates and plans to share soon.

    “Iga’s Back Pack” DLC

    Xbox One (Status—DLC being tested)

    • Testing will happen next week, if completed successfully we will submit and have an updated ETA for release during the week of July 15, 2019.

    Playstation 4 (Status—DLC submitted, pending approval and release)

    • We’re currently working through some submissions with Sony, and plan to have an update, hopefully for release, next week.

    Nintendo Switch (Status—DLC approved, release imminent)

    • The DLC has been approved by Nintendo, we’re just taking the final steps to make it go live.

    A quick clarification on Backer IDs: Please note that the Backer ID system will not work if you backed at the $28 or $60 tier, because those did not include the Credit Clan reward. The Backer ID/credits system only works if you backed at an eligible $100+ tier. If you do have your name in the credits and are having trouble finding your backer ID, you can find more information in the previous update.

    That’s it for now, as always please keep your feedback coming, we’re all dedicated to Bloodstained for the (very) long term, and the teams at WayForward, ArtPlay and the production teams at 505 are making incredible progress. They’re literally working together like some sort of inspirational Star Trek crew, no joke, it’s pretty amazing.

    For all our fans in the United States, we wish you all a happy July 4th holiday! ‘Murica! 😀

    Roberto Piraino “Angel-Corlux”

    Global Brand Manager

    505 Games”

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