Shantae 5 is getting an intro from TRIGGER

    Earlier today, WayForward, the studio behind Shantae, announced that the upcoming Shantae 5 would be getting an animated intro, created by Studio TRIGGER.

    Studio TRIGGER is known for its work on My Witch Acadamia, its first animated short, Kill la Kill, and Gurren Lagann. Currently, they’re collaborating with Arc System Works on the upcoming release of Kill la Kill: IF, an arena fighting game set in the world of the original anime.

    Several fans asked WayForward Studios about the possibility of a Shantae animated series, and the studio said that there were currently no plans for that.

    Shantae 5 was revealed to the world by WayFoward on March 25th, 2019 via Twitter. It is the sequel to Shantae 4 in the mainline series. Shantae 5 is expected to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Apple Arcade (included with the subscription) in 2019.

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