Remedy Entertainment gains control over publishing rights for Alan Wake

    Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that they now own the publishing rights to Alan Wake.

    In an interview with VG247 earlier this year, Remedy said they were working on the sequel, but things didn’t pan out. Remedy has always owned the IP, but Microsoft owned the publishing rights at the time.

    Remedy was paid 2.5 million euros for royalties for their previously released games which gets them in control of the publishing rights.

    “The royalties are paid to Remedy during the second half-year period of 2019. In relation to this, the publishing rights of Alan Wake games are reverted to Remedy.”

    As Alan Wake is now fully owned by Remedy, there is a much bigger chance we can eventually see a return to Bright Falls in the future.

    The good thing about this is that it opens up opportunity to for not only a sequel, but the possibility of a remastered Alan Wake being re-released to not only Xbox One, but for all other platforms as well. As for now, we’ll just have to sit and wait patiently to see what will become in Bright Falls.

    About Alan Wake:

    Alan Wake is a bestselling American novelist and the main protagonist of the Alan Wake series. After suffering from a two-year strain of writer’s block, Alan was brought on vacation by his wife Alice to the idyllic Pacific Northwest town of Bright Falls. Events took a dark turn when Alice was kidnapped by an unseen force, and Wake was forced to fight his way through possessed townsfolk, all while experiencing the events of a story he didn’t even remember writing.

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