Too Many Game Streaming Services In the Future?

    Triangle Squared: A PlayStation Podcast Ep. 118

    A Future of Too Many Game Streaming Services?

    Game streaming, at least in the mainstream, is coming. Despite PlayStation Now’s 5 years on the market, streaming is just now becoming a widespread viable option. Google is entering the fray with Stadia, Microsoft are preparing their Project XCloud service, and Sony are reiterating that PlayStation Now will be pushed more with PS5. All this means is 1 thing; Competition. Can that competition turn into too many game streaming services?

    In and of itself, competition can be a great thing. It pushes tech further quicker, and leads to better products and services for consumers. What if, though, too much competition became a strain on an otherwise great idea? We’ve seen the advent of streaming do wonders for TV shows and movies by consolidating a wealth of content from different companies into one convenient platform. Couple that with a palatable cost for some consumers to have as many as 2-3 services at once, and it sounds great. Right? Enter: Competition *queue dramatic entrance music*.

    The success of the streaming model has driven  companies to begin pulling their content from staples of the business in an effort to create their own service. We’ve seen Disney, NBC, and more begin to make their own services which means that the at one time convenience of streaming, starts to become more of a hassle. This same sentiment is already being tossed around in regards to game streaming. Companies like Ubisoft have conveyed interest in making their own streaming service. If each of the big publishers pull their games to justify their own service, then what does that leave PlayStation Now, Stadia, and Microsoft?

    We discuss this and more this week on Triangle Squared: A PlayStation Podcast!

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