More evidence of a Switch Mini appears

    After months of speculation, there’s finally some solid evidence of a Switch Mini. Indeed, for months, investors have been said that there’ll be new and smaller model of the Nintendo Switch. Sources say it’ll be smaller with detachable Joy-Cons. There was expectation that it was to be revealed at E3 but it wasn’t shown. Some emails are being sent by a Chinese company about accessories for it as well. There is a high suspicion of those emails. Now there’s concrete evidence by known Nintendo Switch accessories seller, BigBen as reported by Go Nintendo.

    These images seem to confirm that there will not be detachable Joy-Cons. The Nintendo investor’s meeting is on July 31st. We should be expecting either a comment on these rumors or an official announcement of the Switch Mini.

    The Switch Mini has been heavily rumored for quite a while now, as various publications such as The Wall Street Journal have reported on the potential model releasing this year. The WSJ recently stated that Nintendo moved the production of some Switch units to Asia to counter the proposed tariff, and stated that Nintendo had started production of the Switch Mini and Switch Pro there.

    What do you think about these images? Do you think they’re legit? Tell us down below in the comments!


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