Comfort Set Head Strap for Nintendo Labo VR review

    Sweat Proof Gaming is responsible for many gaming accessories, such as grips for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. When they saw that Nintendo was reentering the virtual reality market without a head strap, they seized the opportunity and made their own. The comfort set comes with a head strap, padding for your forehead, and padding for your nose. Its easy to install. You do have to dissemble a part of your Nintendo Labo VR headset to install, but its not much. The padding is very easily installed. You peel off a sticker on the back of the pads and put them on the headset. It is easily removable. The head strap can be adjusted via velcro. Its suppose to be able to fit on any head due to its flexibility. The Joycons can also be attached to the Nintendo Switch while using the head strap.

    This head strap makes play secession’s last longer, and makes them more enjoyable. The software that comes with the Nintendo Labo VR Kit benefits from the head strap greatly. A lot of the mini games require you to point at objects using a Joycon. Being able to focus on the actual game and not having to focus on holding the cardboard up to your face is great. It makes the experience much more immersive.

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild in virtual reality is not the greatest experience. Does this head strap make the experience any better though? The answer is yes. Overall, the experience is still bad due to its performance, but the head strap makes it a tiny bit better. Being able to use a Pro controller is a good touch. it does not feel like a work out playing this game in virtual reality anymore. The head strap lets you enjoy the game without having to hold the cardboard to your face.

    Due to how short the missions are in Super Mario Odyssey VR, the head strap doesn’t do much. The virtual reality experience in Super Mario Odyssey remains great. The padding from the head strap comfort set was really the best improvement to this game in particular.

    In my opinion, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate VR benefits from the head strap the most. This is by far Nintendo’s best virtual reality experience they offer. Using the head strap to look around the stages is way more immersive than holding the headset up to your face and looking around. It feels so much more comfortable to just have the head strap on and look around the stage compared to having to hold the cardboard up to your face.

    Overall the the head strap and the extra padding improves a majority of the virtual reality experiences offered on the Nintendo Switch. The flexibility of the head strap is very good. You can use the Joycons attached with the head strap no problem. It’s flexibility to fit on any head easily is great. The head strap comfort set is fully worth the $13.99.


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