PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya tell fans asking for Astral Chain on PS4 to basically “ask my publisher and investor Nintendo”

    When asked about Astral Chain on PS4, the famous twitter blocker and legendary video game developer, Hideki Kamiya replied: 何ででしょうね…マリオもゼルダもメトロイドも出せばいいのに…PS嫌いなんですかね…開発請負の我々には分からないので出資・版元の任天堂に聞いてみてもらえますか…? RT @ririnnrinnemu 何でPS4にアストロルチェイン出さないんですか? PS嫌いなんですか? Which basically translates...

    Takahisa Taura reveals his journey through Astral Chain’s development, inspirations including Atlus, Psycho-Pass and more in this interview.

    Astral Chain recently dropped on Nintendo Switch to almost unanimous critical acclaim, some calling it the best Platinum game to date. It was also...

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