Motomu Toriyama Hopes to Make FFVII’s Ending Even More Satisfying in Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3

    Exploration and tying up the narrative are two key focuses.

    Today at Indonesia Anime Con, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Co-Director Motomu Toriyama sat on a panel to share insights on his thoughts about both the remake project so far and where it is headed with the final game. This includes topics such as the ending of Final Fantasy VII and the exploration in the remakes.

    Toriyama promised fans that the team will work to resolve all the mysteries that have appeared throughout both Final Fantasy VII Remake and the ending of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Additionally, he wants to make sure the third game’s ending will be even more satisfying than the original Final Fantasy VII. A full translation of his quote is available below via @Genki_JPN

    “I want to promise that we will resolve all the mysteries that were opened up in the ending of Rebirth and deliver an even more moving ending than the original.”

    Additionally, Toriyama mentioned that he wants fans to be able to have more exploration options in the final Final Fantasy VII Remake title. According to @Windermyre, a spectator of the panel, Toriyama stated that the team at Square Enix is working to “incorporate the visual with new mechanisms to make players enjoy exploring areas”. 

    While it will likely be a while before we see anything of note for the final game in the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy, we couldn’t be more excited to see what Motomu Toriyama, Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshinori Kitase, Naoki Hamaguchi, Kazushige Nojima, and the entire Final Fantasy VII Remake team will create. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all things Final Fantasy VII.

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available now for PlayStation 5, with future platform releases possible now that the exclusivity period is over. Be sure to check out our 5/5 review of the game, where we stated, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a generational RPG that exemplifies everything there is to love about the medium.”

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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