Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Episode II Revealed; Teases Young Angeal, Hojo, and More

    Episode II is set to be a massive story event.

    Square Enix has officially released a teaser trailer for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Episode II. This story is told in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, which features the stories of all compilation titles in the Final Fantasy VII series. Thus far, Final Fantasy VIICrisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, and Final Fantasy VII The First Solider have received story chapters. 

    Tonight marked the release of Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 in The First Soldier story, which tells the story of Sephiroth’s past and his encounters with SOLDIER P0s Glenn Lodbrok, Lucia Lin, and Matt Winsord. Upon completing the final chapter, a cryptic teaser played. This teaser has the ‘Seven Seconds til the End’ theme playing in the background, which was a major piece of music utilized in the ending scenes of Final Fantasy VII Remake

    As the scene opens, a camera pans through a dark forest. Suddenly, a video camera is dropped, and a robed figure (one of the Black Robes) marches onward. The camera glitches between a scene of Sephiroth in the past and the present, with an abrupt cut to Sephiroth walking with another figure through a forest area. This figure is carrying the Buster Sword on his back, with features that resemble Angeal Hewley, a major figure from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. Angeal was best friends with Sephiroth prior to the beginning of Crisis Core, so it’s likely Episode II of The First Soldier will begin to explore the origins of this relationship. After this scene, the camera flips to a man holding a video camera, who resembles Hollander, also from Crisis Core. Lastly, Sephiroth looks forward and sees Hojo, who is encompassed in a glowing pink aura. 

    Overall, Episode II seems to be shaping up to be a wild ride already. It’s possible that we will also see Genesis Rhapsodos in this Episode, especially with Angeal making an appearance. Whatever the case may be, we’re super excited to see where this story heads next! Check out the trailer in full below:

    Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier has already proved to be a crucial piece of the Final Fantasy VII story, with Glenn Lodbrok appearing in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth earlier this year. With Episode II, it’s likely that the importance will only continue to grow.

    Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available now on iOS, Android, and PC via Steam. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available now exclusively for PlayStation 5. In case you missed it, be sure to check out our 5/5 review of the title

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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