Alien Hominid Invasion Releases New Major Update

    Available today on Steam.

    The Behemoth has released a new major update for Alien Hominid Invasion. The update is available today on PC via Steam.

    Alien Hominid was initially developed as an Adobe Flash game for Newgrounds in 2002. The title became a cult classic on Nintendo Gamecube and PlayStation 2 in 2004. It would also become a favorite on Xbox 360 with its Xbox Live Arcade release in 2007. Check out our review for Alien Hominid Invasion here.

    Alien Hominid Invasion Update Available Now on Steam, New Details Revealed

    Alien Hominid: Invasion Screenshot

    The Behemoth has officially announced that a new major update for Alien Hominid: Invasion is available today. The update is currently only available on PC via Steam. It is unknown if it will come to other consoles later. According to a press release, the update includes the following:

    • Brand new mutation (class): The Orbiter
    • New hazards (level modifiers) including the all new grind lines, for when you feel like skating a half-pipe while invading Earth
    • An all-new, formidable [frog] foe that turns into a vehicle upon defeat: The Mecha F.R.O.G.
    • New, hand-drawn level areas and background art
    • New loot modifiers, including the ability to drop bombs when you roll or dive
    • A Behemoth amount of balances, adjustments, and fixes, like a lower intel requirement (more time to kill agents, less time uploading!), and the much asked for higher danger level; you can now stay twice as long in a single level before being overwhelmed, but look out for similar scaling with enemies and projectiles!
    • The Ice Cream Man is here, no additional context.

    Alien Hominid: HD, which is bundled with Invasion, is described as follows on the official Steam page:

    Alien Hominid HD, the award-winning 2D side-scroller from The Behemoth, is now available for Steam! With hand-drawn graphics, excitingly fast gameplay, and the humor that started it all, loading up this title is like traveling decades back in time, with improved visuals and the same hardcore gaming experience.

    Navigate your surroundings by jumping, dodging attacks, grabbing agents, and digging underground! Use your trusted blaster to shoot at anything in your path and hurl grenades towards your enemies for epic explosions! Catch agents off guard with your knife in close-up combat, or chomp their heads off if that’s more your style.

    Lastly, Alien Hominid: Invasion is available now on PC via Steam, Xbox consoles, and the Nintendo Switch.

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