The Quintessential Quintuplets ‘Honeymoon’ Anime Announced

    An exciting honeymoon trip begins soon.

    During The Quintessential Quintuplets 5th anniversary event in Yokohama Arena, a new The Quintessential Quintuplets “honeymoon” anime was announced. The manga author for the series is in charge of creating the anime’s original story.

    The Quintessential Quintuplets anime celebrates its 5th anniversary in a two-day event in Yokohama Arena from April 27 to 28, 2024. The event featured a screening on April 27, and a live talk event with the cast was held on April 28 with a performance. 

    The Quintessential Quintuplets Gets New Anime Adaptation

    Fans may look forward to The Quintessential Quintuplets*, a new anime that adapts a honeymoon trip between Fuutarou and the Nakano quintuplets. Manga author Negi Haruba drafted the original story concept for the new anime. Haruba will also supervise all aspects of the new anime series. 

    Check out the new visual and trailer below, via the anime’s official website

    The Quintessential Quintuplets*


    The Quintessential Quintuplets: Gotopazu Story 2nd was also announced at the two-day event this weekend. Like the first The Quintessential Quintuplets: Gotopazu Story game, it is a “memorial adventure” game that adapts the events of the mobile game. Specifically, the new game will adapt the second year of service of the original mobile game. 

    The latest game in the series is The Quintessential Quintuplets: Five Promises Made with Her, which released on September 7, 2023 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan. In The Quintessential Quintuplets: Five Promises Made with Her, protagonist Fuutarou Uesugi enjoys his summer vacation during the first year of college.

    Players may experience “heart-pounding summer vacation dates” between Fuutarou and the Nakano quintuplets. Several endings and branching routes are available, but Fuutarou must still pick one of the Nakano sisters by the very end. Success for Fuutarou’s proposal to the heroine depends on choices made throughout the story. 

    Lastly, The Quintessential Quintuplets series is streaming now on Crunchyroll.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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