Dokapon: Sword of Fury Remaster Revealed for Switch

    Originally released in 1998 for PlayStation.

    Sting announced a remaster of classic RPG board game Dokapon: Sword of Fury for the original PlayStation is coming to Nintendo Switch. Numerous improvements have been made to the game, including new features. 

    The latest release in the Dokapon series is Dokapon Kingdom: Connect, which launched on May 9, 2023 for Nintendo Switch in the west. The party game and RPG hybrid released on September 7 that same year for PC via Steam. It is a direct port of the existing Nintendo Switch port, and fans of the portable hybrid can now look forward to Dokapon: Sword of Fury.

    Dokapon: Sword of Fury Remaster on the Way

    Dokapon: Sword of Fury is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 1 in Japan, and a worldwide release was not announced. The game will be sold for 4,620 yen physically and digitally. Pre-orders are now live at participating retailers in Japan. More details about the remaster are coming soon, and the game’s official website is now live.

    Here’s an overview of the game, via Gematsu:

    The most taboo in the Dokapon series?!

    Are you sure these kind of expressions are OK in the 2020s? Now you can enjoy the visuals of the past as a remastered release. While retaining the subtle world depicted by the original game’s pixel art graphics, the illustrations and 3D graphics have been made easier on the eyes on the big screen with newly added effects. The 3D graphics use a toon-like expression, and the illustrations have a smooth look. You can also revert back to the pixel art graphics of the past.

    Key Features
    • Outsmart Your Friends and Become the Richest Person in the World – The player who becomes the richest (has the most assets) will be the winner. To do that, you must fight against monsters, steal items, rob stores, and… defeat your friends? This is a board game where anything goes! Use unique events like the Tenka Ippin Battle tournament and alliance systems to maximize profits. Of course, it can also be enjoyed as an RPG in which you adventure across a vast map.
    • A Rock-Paper-Scissors-Based Battle System That Anyone Can Enjoy – When you encounter an enemy, a battle will begin. Battles are simple—they are turn-based battles in which a coin toss determines who goes first and who goes second. As for the controls, simply select an attack method from four commands. If your attack is successful, it can do major damage to the enemy. Conversely, if it does not play well against the enemy’s defense method, you could end up taking major damage yourself. Tense battles will unfold where you must read your enemy’s moves, and where the outcome can change in an instant depending on the commands you choose.
    • Newly Added Multiplayer Support and Online Battles – With multiplayer support for up to four players, everyone can play with just one copy of the game. Additionally, with online support, you can play with friends far and wide. You can even stop playing mid-game, save, and continue playing from where you left off.
    • Increase the Tempo with the New High-Speed Function – A high-speed function has been added as a quality-of-life feature. You can choose 3x speed and 5x speed, so even busy people can play with ease. This feature can also be used online.
    • Enjoy A Bit of Customization with “Secret Sauce” – The “Secret Sauce” feature allows you to change bits of the game balance. Like seasoning, it allows various elements to be slightly adjusted. The “Number of Games Setting” allows you to designate the number of games played, so even those with little time can enjoy playing. Other features include the ability to play around with subtle balance settings, such as setting limitless magic usage and the number of times Wallace appears. And for Dokapon series fans, there is also a feature that allows you to change the battle background music to that of previous Dokapon games. Live in the atmosphere of the past!
    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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