Wind Breaker Anime English Dub Premieres Today on Crunchyroll

    The wait is finally over!

    Crunchyroll has announced that the English dub for Wind Breaker will premiere today on their streaming service. They’ve also released a new promo for the series.

    Satoru Nii started the Wind Breaker manga series back in 2021. Kodansha has been publishing the series digitally for the last two years. The anime’s staff revealed more information about the upcoming series during a Jump Festa 2024 panel this past December. The first episode of the anime premiered earlier this month.

    Wind Breaker English Dub Announced, Trailer Released

    Wind Breaker Anime Poster

    Crunchyroll recently announced that the Wind Breaker anime would be receiving an English dub later today. The series initially premiered on the streaming service on April 4, with the first two episodes currently available now. Alongside confirming the English dub, Crunchyroll also revealed a trailer for the upcoming release. Check it out below:

    The cast and staff of the English dub is as follows:


    • Austin Tindle as Sakura
    • Hollis Beck as Tachibana
    • Nick Huber as Hiiragi
    • Sean Letourneau as Sakaki
    • Michael Stimac as Matsumoto
    • Greg Dulcie as Yama
    • Aaron Michael as Yanagida


    • Voice Director: Jeremy Inman
    • Producer: Samantha Herek
    • Adaptation: Clayton Browning
    • Mixer: Nathanael Harrison
    • Engineer: Zachary Davis

    Here’s an overview of the series via publisher Kodansha:

    Haruka Sakura wants nothing to do with weaklings—he’s only interested in the strongest of the strong. He’s just started at Furin High School, a school of degenerates known only for their brawling strength—strength they use to protect their town from anyone who wishes it ill. But Haruka’s not interested in being a hero or being part of any sort of team—he just wants to fight his way to the top!

    Lastly, the English dub for Wind Breaker will premiere later today. Crunchyroll will likely release more episodes on their website in the coming weeks and months.

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