30XX Adds New Character in Latest Update

    Delta is available now on PC via Steam.

    Batterystaple Games have announced that a new update for 30XX, featuring a new character, new levels, and more, is available now on PC via Steam. The update will be available for the Nintendo Switch in the next few days.

    30XX has been in early access since 2021. The game is the sequel to the roguelike 20XX, initially released in 2018. The Mega Man-inspired title currently has a very positive ranking on Steam. The game also released in September on the Nintendo Switch. The game is available on Steam for $13.99 until December 18. It will also be available for 25% off on the Switch from April 17 to April 23.

    30XX Adds New Character, Delta, in Update 1.2

    30XX New Update

    Batterystaple Games recently revealed 30XX‘s latest update, 1.2, in a new press release. The update adds a new character, Delta, alongside several new levels and mechanics. The new patch is available today on PC via Steam. It will release for the Nintendo Switch in the coming days. Additionally, the game is priced at $13.99 on Steam until April 29. It will also be available for 25% off on the Switch from April 17 to 23.

    The highlights for the new update are as follows:

    • Get Hype and go for Glory as Delta, a brand-new character with stylish tricks up his sleeve. Simultaneously switch between both Nina and Ace’s weapons as Delta to generate Hype with each hit, then activate Glory to grant a burst of speed, damage, and NRG to fuel his wide range of available Powers.
    • Spice up variety between each run with new Alt Phases. Encounter the Burning Temple, Deepverse, and Highvault stages on level 3+ for the opportunity to trigger some unexpected twists, including some surprising new minibosses!
    • Hungry for quicker runs? Activate the new Ephemeral Journey Condition to cut runs down to five levels instead of ten. Delve deeper into the mind of 30XX’s orchestrator of villainous events in brand-new Datalore for enemies and bosses.
    • Perform new actions as Nina and Ace! The same way Delta’s unique action activates Glory, Nina’s Stance Lock will keep her in place while shooting, allowing for more precise aim with her weapons. Ace’s Blade Swap allows him to quickly switch between primary weapons. These quality-of-life updates and more await in the new 1.2 update!

    Lastly, 30XX is available now on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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