Dragon’s Dogma 2 – What Is Dragonsplague?

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    While playing Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will likely hear your pawns mention rumors of disease from beyond the Rift. Unfortunately, these aren’t just rumors, but a very real threat you will need to be aware of. The illness in question is Dragonsplague, and here is everything you will need to know to deal with the problem before it’s too late. 

    Signs of Dragonsplague

    A pawn infected with Dragonsplague

    The first time the player hires a pawn infected with Dragonsplague, a tutorial should appear. This will be your cue to get rid of this pawn as soon as possible. However, from this point forward, you will no longer be able to rely on tutorials to check whether or not a pawn has contracted the disease. 

    Pawns infected with the Dragonsplague will begin to act independently of the player’s actions. For example, if your pawn starts to ignore your commands while in battle, there’s a strong chance that they are infected. Although, the most obvious sign of infection is glowing red eyes. If you see these, you can be sure your pawn has Dragonsplague. 

    If you happen to notice any suspicious behavior whatsoever, it’s best to act immediately. Fortunately, there’s a very simple way to deal with Dragonsplague before it gets out of hand. Your infected pawn will need to die if you wish to cure them. The easiest way to kill them is to toss them into a large body of water so that they will be consumed by the Brine. The next time you visit a Riftstone, your pawn will return, cured of the illness. 

    What Does the Illness Do?

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    If nothing is done about Dragonsplague, the infected pawn will eventually transform into a dragon. This will be triggered by resting at an inn. When this happens, your pawn will kill the NPCs of whichever town you are visiting. This includes important characters that give the player quests and more. That is why it’s ideal to avoid this scenario altogether. 

    The good news is that this disease is only limited to pawns, making it a lot more manageable. The Arisen does not need to worry about being infected with Dragonsplague. As long as you take precautions before visiting an inn, you should be in the clear. 

    However, if the worst does happen, it’s good to keep in mind that NPCs can be revived with Wakestones. In fact, if you happen to have an Eternal Wakestone in your inventory, you can easily undo the damage your pawn has caused. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to act quickly. 

    For more guides, be sure to keep an eye on Final Weapon! Dragon’s Dogma 2 is currently available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam

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