Yu-Gi-Oh Go Rush Anime Reveals New Theme Songs

    The series will continue in April.

    The official Twitter/X account for the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise has revealed the new theme songs for the upcoming continuation of the Yu-Gi-Oh Go Rush series. The series will be entering his third year in April 2024.

    Nobuhiro Kondo has been directing the series at Bridge. The first episode initially aired in April 2022. It is the eighth spin-off in the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise. Kondo will be returning for the series’ third year. The anime’s staff will likely reveal more about the upcoming series in the coming weeks.

    Yu-Gi-Oh Go Rush Announces Opening and Ending Theme Performers

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!! Anime Enters into 3rd Year Starting on April 2024

    On the official Yu-Gi-Oh franchise Twitter/X account, the theme songs for the upcoming continuation for the Yu-Gi-Oh Go Rush anime was revealed. Masayoshi Ōishi will perform the OP, “Duel Shiyō ze!” (Let’s Duel). Ayaka Nanase will perform the ED, “Star Rush.” While the exact release date for the upcoming continuation is unknown, Yu-Gi-Oh Go Rush will return in April 2024.

    Nobuhiro Kondo will return as the series’ director. Naoto Hashimoto is the anime’s assistant director. Toshimitsu Takeuchi will be overseeing the series’ scripts while Masahiro Hikokubo will once again be in charge of the duel layout. Kazuko Tadano and Hiromi Matsushita will be returning as the series’ character designers while Hiroshi Yamamoto will be the series’ sound director.

    Anime News Network describes the series as follows:

    The anime is set in the birthplace of the popular card game Rush Duel, Mutsuba-cho. Twins Yūhi and Yuamu run UTS (Uchūjin Trouble Sōdansho or Alien Trouble Consulting), a group that (supposedly) gets rid of troublesome aliens from distant sectors of the galaxy via Rush Duel battles.

    However, one day, they find an actual spaceship, and inside they find Yudias, an alien from the Belgar Cluster. Yudias has come to Earth to search for Rush Duel to hopefully lead him and his friends (who have been chased out of their star system) into a new future. However, Yudias himself knows nothing about Rush Duel. Yūhi then challenges Yudias to a duel.

    Lastly, Yu-Gi-Oh Go Rush will continue in April 2024.

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